About Me

So what do you want to know about me?  I enjoy writing, though you might not know it by my lack of consistent posts.  I love history and psychology, which I think are completely interconnected in more ways than even I can imagine.  I prefer open minded debates to the acrimonious shouting of entrenched positions and am glad to discuss…discuss…different sides of issues and opinions.  I tend to see the darker side of life while hoping for the lighter side (even though I root for the Dark Side).  Villains aren’t always sinister, and heroes rarely have uncheckered pasts.  I am as complex as you, the reader.


One Response to About Me

  1. Christopher Steininger says:

    You know I have to bookmark this. Can’t wait to hear more about the goings on and ramblings of an old friend. Good luck and good life, new father.

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