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The Road of Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick’s Day Checklist: 1) Get up, remember the date, find green. 2) Put on green. 3) Feel smug for being part Irish while everyone just wishes they were. All was going according to plan until I got an email … Continue reading

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Writing “Blood Ties” Part 4: They Evolve

I quickly realized that despite my best intentions, I had no control over my characters whatsoever. They took charge of their own lives and lived them to the best of their abilities.   It’s not like they appeared to me … Continue reading

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Kids of Strangers

Today I was a jerk. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a playground with kids, so I hope everyone can forgive me the following rudeness: today I ignored a stranger’s kid who desperately wanted my attention. I was … Continue reading

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Voting by Proxy

Plausible Deniability. Straight Ticket. Generic Polling. We Americans love keeping our distance from things until we know where the wind is blowing. Disagree with me? How about Fairweather Friend? Bandwagon Fan? Alliance of Convenience? We like knowing the outcome before … Continue reading

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Book Review: 1491, Charles C. Mann

Why must I constantly seek out things that blow my mind? Seriously, this book will blow your mind. Stay away from it if you’re comfortable in your current “understanding” of how the Americas were before Columbus came along. Go ahead … Continue reading

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The Terror of Submission

Today was the day.  The scary day.  The terrifying day.  The day that was nerve-wracking that I couldn’t post this until the day after, that’s how nervous this whole thing made me. I submitted a copy of my book to … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Cutting and Pasting

I can remember a time when I was young(er) when I could only use the safety scissors and special non-toxic glue because I was told that cutting and pasting was dangerous.  How right my parents and grandparents were; to this … Continue reading

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