Writing “Blood Ties” Part 5: The Plug

The time has almost come for you to pull up your Amazon account and punch in “Blood and Honor: Enemies Within” for purchase! Why should you consider spending your hard earned money on our untried writing style and story on July 15th? Here’s why!

  • Clocking in around 145,000 words, Blood and Honor: Enemies Within is almost as long as the first two Harry Potter books combined! Talk about bang for your virtual buck!
  • I co-wrote it. That’s got to be worth something, right?
  • If you’re reading this, you probably have a direct connection to me in some way. Haven’t you always wanted to ask an author what comes next or why someone did what they did? Now you can!
  • Characters actually make meaningful decisions that are based off their experiences and desires. Face it – how many books do you read where that actually happens? Yeah, probably lots…but not at this price!
  • Show it off to your friends and tell them, “I know that guy”, then use that information to become more powerful in their eyes.
  • We’re cheap. Really cheap. We won’t stay that way forever (we hope!), so get in now while you can.
  • Read a fantasy novel in which there’s no magic. What, no magic? Then why call it fantasy? Two words: The Blood. Read it to find out what that means.
  • Stoke my ego. When we hit 1,000 copies, I’ll take it to an agent again and say, “See how fast this sold? Don’t you want to give it another look?”
  • Did I mention the cheap part?

Blood and Honor: Enemies Within will be released for public consumption on July 15th. I’ll be at home obsessively clicking “update” on my Amazon site to see how long it takes sales to breech 10. When that happens, I can afford to take my darling and lovely wife out to a movie. Come on people, make it happen!

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