Voting by Proxy

Plausible Deniability. Straight Ticket. Generic Polling. We Americans love keeping our distance from things until we know where the wind is blowing. Disagree with me? How about Fairweather Friend? Bandwagon Fan? Alliance of Convenience? We like knowing the outcome before it happens so we can position ourselves on the right side, and to make sure this happens, we constantly ‘test the winds’ and ‘check the temperature’ of movements and things around us to make sure we’re going the right direction. This is why I fear the current state of Dancing with the Stars. Yep, that’s right…DwtS terrifies me.

The theory behind Dancing with the Stars is that professional dancers team up with celebrities from various walks of life which include movies, sports, music, and television. A set of judges declares who rocks and who sucks, after which the viewing audience gets to put in their opinion. I have no idea how the balance works in regards to the weight given to the judges’ scores and the audience votes, but after Tuesday night’s results, I know that the judges are officially worthless. The worst dancer stayed yet again. Who is that? Bristol Palin. Why does this scare me? Because this is a temperature check, a test of the winds, a proxy vote on Sarah Palin’s political moves 12 months from now. America has voted, and apparently they like the Palins.

Sarah Palin has been in the audience every week so far as I can tell. She’s making her presence known on television with her own “reality show” about her family. She’s gaining the kind of exposure that politicians can only dream of, and she’s getting paid to do it! Make no mistake – Sarah Palin is ‘testing the waters’, ‘taking the temperature’, and ‘testing the winds’ to see how the public would really react to her candidacy for President. I’m sure she likes what she’s seen so far.

Palin is counting her proxy votes and tabulating her supporters. Her daughter’s people are her people. Bristol’s votes are her votes. Soon the mirror ball trophy will be Bristol’s. How long before the Presidential podium is Sarah’s?

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