Something Not Health Care!

With everything seeming to revolve around health care these days, I thought it might be nice to put something different in front of your eyeballs. It’s entirely possible that you’ve seen this stuff before, especially since some of it is pretty old in comparison, but perhaps this quick refreshment is just what the doctor ordered…pun intended.

The speed of light isn’t! – Yep, that’s right, scientists broke the speed of light back in 2007. In theory, this means that you could have heard the news before it even happened, which might mean that hearing the news caused the experiment to happen, which means that my head will hurt to infinity and beyond.

“We’ve got skulls!” Scientists announced last month that they’d discovered a new type of dinosaur; what was so special about this one was that they found the normally-fragile skulls first, something that (so they say) rarely, rarely happens. Interestingly, the dinosaur was discovered by students attending BYU, a school founded by Mormons. Since the Mormon church doesn’t take a stance on dinosaurs, one has to (humorously!) question whether or not these dinosaurs truly exist.

That computation is Greek to me! – Ancient Greeks invented the working computer some 2000 years before we ‘modern’ people did. It was used to calculate eclipses of the moon and the movements of planets, which helps prove that ancient scientists knew more about the Earth and its celestial neighbors than folks generally think.  We only know about it because it was in a shipwreck; imagine what the world would have been like if this hadn’t been lost but had instead made it to it’s destination and spurred development of even more computers.

Lie-detector schmie-detector…just scan his brain – Scientists in England have discovered that they can use a functional MRI aimed at a certain part of the brain to ‘read’ a person’s thoughts 40-45% of the time.  Granted, this was an extremely limited experiment, but if they can prove they can do it, someone will fund it.  Hey fearmongers…forget health care and focus on this!

And that’s all the time I care to dedicate towards this right now.  Interesting?  Maybe.  At least it isn’t health care?  Absolutely.

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