Inspired in a Negative Direction

Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest places, especially when it’s inspiration in the negative direction. Tons of things inspire me to do something, but it takes a special circumstance to inspire me not to do something. Friday contained one of those circumstances.

Working with a client at Target, I caught bits and pieces of their Blu-Ray demonstration disc. First up was…well…Up, one of the best movies of last year. The color was stunning, the…but wait, that doesn’t matter. After that was a stupid romantic comedy setup that I couldn’t have cared less about one way or the other. The piece that moved me in a negative direction was the clip for X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Let it be said now that I love superhero movies. The idea of someone larger than life is appealing, but so is the action. Sure, superhero drama is interesting, but let’s face it; Spiderman is at his best when he’s smacking around a villain, and the X-men are most fun to watch when they’re using their powers as a team to kick serious ass.

Wolverine appeared to have none of those things. True, any boy with raging hormones and a total misconception of physics, biology, psychology, and the true flow of time would enjoy the shit out of that film according to the 45 seconds I now wish I had back, but who cares what 12-13 year old boys think? Well, movie execs do, I guess, but just why it is they love those underage boys so much is another topic for someone else’s blog. Nope, my problem was that I could tell everything I needed to know about that movie and make the decision to run away from it as quickly as possible…and that’s what they decided to use as a showcase for their film. Wolverine never touched my Netflix queue; right now I’m actively searching for a way to ban it and it’s director from any further recommendations. Oh, and while I’m on the subject, I wish Netflix would stop recommending crap like Transformers and G.I. Joe. I have no desire to see either of those movies; I’ve seen enough of that crap. The previews were enough. Frankly, I want that time back too.

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