New Hopes

What happened in the last decade?  Ponder this for a moment, then get back to me.  Go ahead, take a couple of moments to think about what you think happened during the last decade and see how you feel about it.  I’ll wait.

Did you think about how our political parties hate each other, and how every little move is construed by one side as ultimate evil by the other?  Did you think about the wars we know of, or did you shudder over the wars that happened and you never heard about?  Did you think about how we as a culture overspent and ignored the problem?  If so, did you think how ironic it was that we are trying to spend our way out of our decades long spending spree?  Did you wonder why it is that faith seems to have taken on a different meaning?

When I closed my eyes and thought on the last 10 years, I saw the towers smoking and burning, but not falling.  I wonder what they means psychologically speaking.  It’s interesting that I don’t see them as they were before they were hit nor as they fell;  nope, I see them at the moment of their worst pain when everything hung on a thread.  In movies,  I like those kinds of dramatic moments.  Turns out real life isn’t nearly as interesting that way.

I have countless hopes for the next year, let alone the next decade.  Some are more reasonable than others, but that’s what hope is all about.  I hope to get into graduate school this year so I can be teaching by the end of the next decade.  I hope I can get an agent for my book by the end of the year so I can have five novels published by the end of the decade.  I hope I offend less people this year than I did last year so that at the end of the decade, I can look back at all the people I’ve made happy instead of the ones I’ve ticked off and scratched out of my address book.  I hope I can spend enough time with my daughter this year so that she can be a shining example of what a young woman can be by the end of the decade.  I hope to continue my yearly trend of loving my wife more this year than I did the last year so that at the end of the decade, I will be stunned that she chooses to love me back.

I won’t hope for peace on Earth; I’d love it, but I can’t hope for things I have little control over.  The best I can do is work on my own little corner and hope that others work as hard on their own.  If you see a speck of dirt in my area, feel free to point it out, but make sure you’re working hard at keeping your own specks from taking over your corner.

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