Thankfulness from the bottom up

Different people have different views on being thankful.  Some look at the terrible things around them and wonder what there is to be thankful for; others see things in rosy shades and are thankful for every little thing around them.  I try to look at the big picture, but do so selfishly and see it as it relates to me and those around me.  These are just some of the things I have to be thankful for and are in no particular order.

  • My daughter Kaitlyn, whom Kim and I were beginning to think would never arrive.  We tried and failed for 5 years to have her, and we’re glad to say that when she did come, she was worth every agonizing second.  It ain’t easy being a parent, but I wouldn’t trade it for all the solitude in the world.  Nothing I can write could possible encompass everything I feel for her, so the less said, the better.
  • My job, which is stable, steady, and doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon.  I work with some smart people doing a difficult job; those of you who know, live with, and/or work with children or adults with Autism can totally understand.  During a tour of one of our sites yesterday, a visitor from Finland said he now understood the “pure” form of what we were trying to teach him, and now that he understood it, he could take it back to Finland and start to apply our methods there.  In a small way, I changed the world yesterday for the better, and I can take pride in that.  I’m thankful for that opportunity.
  • My health, which despite my best efforts is still good.  My recent reintroduction into volleyball has caused one knee to stiffen up daily and one shoulder to flare in pain whenever it’s raised past 90 degrees, but after 10 years of near sluggish activity, I can do nothing but praise my body for its efforts.  2x a week for 2 hours each, I do my best to see what I can break as I dive, twist, and fall, and yet I still get up in the morning and am able to go to work and help with my daughter.
  • My freedom, which is something I never think of enough.  To my friends in the military, thank you.  To those on the front lines, thank you.  To those who disparage us and wish to pull us down for no other reason then the fact that we’re not of your particular belief system…I can’t say what I want to in an area of thanks.  My suggestion to you is that you be thankful that America has not brought its full might to bear.  You think it has?  You think you’re still standing because you’ve taken our best shot?  Heh.  Despite cries and criticism to the opposite, American has held itself back because of our beliefs, the ones you hate so much.  No other nation in history has been as kind to our enemies as we have.  Be thankful for that.

There’s more, of course, but who has the time to write up everything one is thankful for?  Instead, I’m going to go change my daughter’s diaper, enjoy my (paid!) days off from work, walk gingerly down the stairs, and call a friend before he gets deployed.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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