Climate change, promises, and questions

A new BBC report states that an agreement made in 2001 between “rich” countries and “poor” countries has been violated to the tune of 100+ million dollars a year since its inception.  At the climate summit, “rich” countries pledged to pay “poor” countries 410 million dollars per year through a special UN escrow fund.  Imagine everyone’s surprise when some countries haven’t paid.

Still, that’s not what gets me.  What concerns me here is the “reasoning” that was used to cause these payouts in the first place.  It goes like this: since “rich” countries caused global warming and “poor” countries can’t help themselves avoid the effects, the “rich” countries should pay for improvements and such to help them through this time of transition.  Really?  In 6000 BC, the Black Sea was a tiny lake compared to what it is today until a rise in sea level cause a breakthrough and a massive flood.  Did man cause that?  Alexander the Great took many tours during his conquest of the Persian Empire and was shown areas that had dried up but used to be fertile grasslands mere centuries before.  Did man cause that?  Ubar used to be a trading post for incense and was possibly the place where the frankincense brought to Christ was traded, but the trade dried up when the wells and oases did.  Did man cause that?

History is scattered with proof that the Earth has gone through cycles like this in the past.  The thing is, humans used to adapt to these changes and learn to move on.  We don’t want to.  Why?  Someone smarter than I needs to answer that; I have my thoughts, but they’d likely be lampooned as partisan and ignorant.  Lybia demands money because 80% of its population lives in coastal cities.  These cities will be effected by rising water levels and…that’s where I get lost.  We have 30-40 years before anything might happen…and I say might because there is still credible scientific doubt as to the causes and dimension of this ‘change’…but they want money to do what?  Build dikes?  We have experience with that; we’re still recovering several years later.

I don’t mind living in an world where people and nations depend on one another for livelihoods and friendship; I just wonder why it always seems to come down to someone holding their hand out.

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One Response to Climate change, promises, and questions

  1. Jeff Price says:

    I’m gonna give a day…any day. I want someone to take a snapshot of that day using just the last half millisecond of the day. In that last half millisecond, I want them to look at the weather. THEN…I want them to tell me, using that last half millisecond…how the whole entirety of the day’s weather went, and how the existence of something in the last second of that day…affected the weather.

    NOW…someone…ANYONE…tell me how this global warming thing is supposed to work again…and how we’re so pretentious as to think that we know a damn thing about the weather…in our half millisecond of recorded time…in our last second of existence? I’m just sayin…

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